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• All the products reviewed in this blog are bought with my own money unless I indicate otherwise.

• This blog sometimes receives gifts and makes collaborations with brands, but that’s not why my opinion is manipulated in the review.

• All reviews are based on my opinion and experience. It is important to point out that what works for me does not necessarily work for the reader.

• I usually get links to the products but it is for the benefit of the reader and I do not receive any commission whatsoever.

• SHOPSTYLE COLLECTIVE links are affiliated, if you want to buy a product directly from the link provided I can receive a minimum compensation. If so, thanks!  That motivates me to continue writing with greater effort.

• This blog uses affiliated discount codes as well.  

• I only endorsed, promoted or collaborated with products, brands, Influencers or bloggers that represent what I stand for. Also, that I believe their products or recommendations are trustworthy.